Advanced Twitter Campaign Strategies

As Twitter’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, Ad Dynamo gets to see many great campaigns being run across the continent.  With the launch of Blue Robot we’re also being exposed to some fantastic global initiatives.

For most brands new to Promoted Activity on Twitter, we recommend keeping it simple:

1. Promoted Accounts

Gain new followers which you can reach organically in the future.  Pricing is based on a cost per follow model, so that outcome is a known & the followers will be relevant if you leverage Twitter’s targeting well.

2. Promote Performing Organic Tweets

An organic first approach is the best way to get started on Twitter.  Any Tweet can be promoted.  Using the analytics tool in the ads platform you’re able to flag your top performing organic Tweets and then promote them.

For brands that are not new to advertising on Twitter, some advanced strategies are worth considering:

1. Tailored Audiences

Tailored audiences effectively allow brands to take advantage of the benefits of remarketing: reinforce a message to an audience that has already taken a specific action that shows interest.  You can target a list of users, visitors to a specific web page or even users of your mobile app.  Tailored audiences allow you to deliver a highly target message to specific audience subset.

2. Negative Retargeting with Tailored Audiences

You exclude Tailored Audiences from your campaign targeting.  For example – you may have a list of users that you know you reached on Facebook and you do not want to reach them again.  Negative retargeting allows you to only direct your campaign towards an audience not yet reached.

3. Engager Targeting

A great new feature in Twitter Ads allows brands to target only users that have engaged with the brand in the past.  Ad Dynamo can enable this feature for any advertising wanting to make use of it.

4. Bidding Strategies

Twitter, like most digital platforms, is a biddable media.  Every advertiser is bidding to reach overlapping audiences.  In South Africa, we’re seeing a 30-40% cost saving achieved when budgets are concentrated towards the first week of every month.  Many advertisers are constrained by process in activating new budgets each month & this is a window of opportunity to reach an audience at a discount.


Of course, Twitter has invested heavily into video and the opportunity this presents.  Digital video is forecast to grow 6x over the next 4 years across all media.  Video on Twitter grew 150x on Twitter in 2015!  Here are a few good reasons why native video on Twitter matters* -

  • Twitter’s native video drives 2.8x more retweets than 3rd party video;
  •  Twitter provides in-depth full analytics for native video;
  • Native video delivers a 38% lift in brand favourability;
  • 71% of SA users believe the video they see on Twitter is relevant;
  • 82% of SA users are more positive about a brand once they have seen a brand video on Twitter.
*Research Now, South Africa 2015


- @seanrileysa



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