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Paid Content Launches

Every brand has a story We’ll help share yours.   Ad Dynamo is extremely proud to announce the launch of Africa’s first Content Marketing Platform. Ad Dynamo’s Paid Content product allows brands to explore thousands of publishers, negotiate a price to have specific content produced, review & approve the content, and most importantly – measure [...]

Is your brand ready for Twitter’s redesign?

Twitter’s redesign rolls out today, Wednesday January 29th.  Is your brand ready? If your brand has merged the header image with the background image on your Twitter profile, you will be affected. What to do? Only for brands that have merged the header with the background: Brands that have merged the header with the background will [...]

Introducing Type-In Advertising

Ad Dynamo has teamed up with Solve Media in the US to bring a new, high performance, brand advertising product to Africa. What’s the best way to remember something? Write it down. That’s what Solve’s Type-In advertising technology does: Type-In advertising gets a targeted audience to type-in a simple message related to the brand.   [...]

Social Media in Africa – A Survey

Please help Ad Dynamo with our quick survey on social media in Africa.  As we all know, Africa is short on useful statistics & the big players are not releasing data anytime soon.  So let’s gather it ourselves. The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete & all personal information will be treated as completely [...]

Jambo Kenya!

Ad Dynamo is pleased to announce that it is prepping to enter Kenya in early September. With MSN Kenya secured as an exclusive publisher for Kenya already, Ad Dynamo is well placed to start serving advertisers immediately. Already positioned as South Africa’s largest ad network alternative to Google & Nigeria’s largest ad network alternative to [...]

Nigerian traffic breakdown by device

We all know how dominant mobile usage is in Africa. But how much? Ad Dynamo recently ran a report across all traffic provided by our 14,000 publishers in Nigeria. Here’s how Nigerian usage breaks down – considering that we serve more than 20 million ads per day, as Nigeria’s biggest alternative ad network to Google, [...]

Ad Dynamo at the Mobile World Conference 2013

Following on from a strong year of mobile growth around the world, 2013 see an even larger increase and it will be a necessity for advertisers to include a strong mobile focus in their digital strategies. Here at Ad Dynamo we are excited to harness the opportunities this brings for mobile publishers as well as [...]

Planning a Twitter Campaign

Thanks to the team at Twitter for sharing this useful data with us.  One of the perks now that Ad Dynamo is an authorised Twitter representative.   What’s available to advertisers? Twitter ad campaigns fall into 4 basic categories: Promoted Account A top spot promotion in the ‘Who to follow’ section to grow your follower base, brand [...]