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Advanced Twitter Campaign Strategies

As Twitter’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, Ad Dynamo gets to see many great campaigns being run across the continent.  With the launch of Blue Robot we’re also being exposed to some fantastic global initiatives. For most brands new to Promoted Activity on Twitter, we recommend keeping it simple: 1. Promoted Accounts Gain new [...]

Freestyle launches to help brands on Twitter

Ad Dynamo is extremely excited to announce the launch of Freestyle.  Freestyle helps brands do more with Twitter. As Twitter’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, we were coming across a regular challenge amongst our clients:  We advise them to use Twitter Cards & we also advise that a brand should schedule about 70% of [...]

Engagement Rates on Twitter

A unique feature of Twitter’s Promoted Products is the unprecedented levels of engagement that we see. Take a look at this recent Tweet about Snickers engagement on Facebook vs Twitter: Across Africa we’re seeing really strong engagements on Twitter that reinforce the power of Twitter’s Promoted Products.

Paid Content Launches

Every brand has a story We’ll help share yours.   Ad Dynamo is extremely proud to announce the launch of Africa’s first Content Marketing Platform. Ad Dynamo’s Paid Content product allows brands to explore thousands of publishers, negotiate a price to have specific content produced, review & approve the content, and most importantly – measure [...]

Introducing Type-In Advertising

Ad Dynamo has teamed up with Solve Media in the US to bring a new, high performance, brand advertising product to Africa. What’s the best way to remember something? Write it down. That’s what Solve’s Type-In advertising technology does: Type-In advertising gets a targeted audience to type-in a simple message related to the brand.   [...]

Jambo Kenya!

Ad Dynamo is pleased to announce that it is prepping to enter Kenya in early September. With MSN Kenya secured as an exclusive publisher for Kenya already, Ad Dynamo is well placed to start serving advertisers immediately. Already positioned as South Africa’s largest ad network alternative to Google & Nigeria’s largest ad network alternative to [...]

Nigerian traffic breakdown by device

We all know how dominant mobile usage is in Africa. But how much? Ad Dynamo recently ran a report across all traffic provided by our 14,000 publishers in Nigeria. Here’s how Nigerian usage breaks down – considering that we serve more than 20 million ads per day, as Nigeria’s biggest alternative ad network to Google, [...]

Ad Dynamo at the Mobile World Conference 2013

Following on from a strong year of mobile growth around the world, 2013 see an even larger increase and it will be a necessity for advertisers to include a strong mobile focus in their digital strategies. Here at Ad Dynamo we are excited to harness the opportunities this brings for mobile publishers as well as [...]

2013: Looking forward

With 2013 upon us, I am very excited about what lies in store for Ad Dynamo, the digital marketing industry, and advertising as a whole. Here’s my view on what we can expect to see. Less Competitors 2012 already saw many online ad networks, video ad platforms, and mobile networks either contract their operations or [...]