Feature Review – Dynamic Copy & URL’s

A nice advanced feature has been around for a while for advertisers – use your keywords to dynamically populate your ad copy & destination URL.Why would you want to use this?  If your AdGroup is bidding on 50 keywords, you can make the ad more relevant to each specific keyword when we serve the ad based on that keyword, so instead of a generic ad heading such as: Find Property – you could now have Find Property in Cape Town as the heading when the keyword ‘Cape Town’ was used to serve the ad – so you could personalize the heading for every city your business advertises property in – whilst only having to write a single ad. Cool!


Here’s the technical detail on how to use it:

Merge Syntax:


Variable Names:

source: The traffic source – currently always “AD:DYNAMO”

deliverytype: Type of delivery used when the ad was shown which will be one of… PPC Site Targeted, PPC Contextual, PPC Search, PPC Mobile Site Targeted, PPC Mobile Contextual, PPC Mobile Search, PPC Mobile Random, PPC Random, PPC Mobile Static, PPC Static, Rich Media

campaign: The campaign name

adgroup: The adgroup name

adsize: The ad size / type that was shown

keyword: The keyword used to display the ad


In the URL:


In the Ad Copy:

Headline: Buy {merge_keyword}s
Text Line1: Get quality {merge_keyword}
Text Line2: At {merge_adgroup}
DisplayURL: {merge_keyword}.qualityproducts.co.za




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