Introducing Type-In Advertising

Ad Dynamo has teamed up with Solve Media in the US to bring a new, high performance, brand advertising product to Africa.

What’s the best way to remember something? Write it down. That’s what Solve’s Type-In advertising technology does: Type-In advertising gets a targeted audience to type-in a simple message related to the brand.

Solve’s technology substitutes clunky Captcha images with engaging type-in ads.


Example Type-In advertisement


Type-In ads boast some remarkable scores – according to ComScore brand recall is 10x higher from a Type-In ad than a traditional display ad. This is attributed to the fact that you are cognitively engaging your audience.

With more than 2,6 Million completed Type-Ins / month in Africa, advertisers are also assured of reach and scale.

Comscore data shows how compelling the Type-In ad unit is

Where are these ads displayed?

Solve works with leading publishers that include Conde Nast, Time Inc,, Viacom, AOL, Hearst, and Tribune. Type-In ads are a great substitute for clunky Captcha images, and also perform very well as a substitute to pre-roll video ads. Best of all, the Type-In ad unit is mobile friendly. A big concern for all marketers running mobile advertising is that accidental clicks are common. With Type-In ads, accidental clicks are 100% eliminated.

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