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Ad Dynamo is extremely proud to announce the launch of Africa’s first Content Marketing Platform. Ad Dynamo’s Paid Content product allows brands to explore thousands of publishers, negotiate a price to have specific content produced, review & approve the content, and most importantly – measure the performance of the content.

Ad Dynamo’s publishers feed their Google Analytics data into our system seamlessly – giving brands the confidence that they are making decisions based on trustworthy data. Review unique users and reach of each website before making an offer to have content produced. Ad Dynamo also provides measurement of the content after it is published – monitor impressions, unique impressions, clicks, unique clicks and CTR. The pricing model is a fixed fee, negotiated upfront. This means that the effective CPM & CPC gradually reduce over time as can be seen from this data extracted from the first few campaigns that have been run:

The CPM and CPC reduce over time as content ‘lives forever’, continuing to attract an audience.

In early tests, Ad Dynamo has seen Click Through Rates of 2%. Even if the CTR were comparable to a traditional banner ad, I would still argue that it is a better, qualified, click, as the audience has engaged with content and informed themselves about the product.




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