Planning a Twitter Campaign

Thanks to the team at Twitter for sharing this useful data with us.  One of the perks now that Ad Dynamo is an authorised Twitter representative.


What’s available to advertisers?

Twitter ad campaigns fall into 4 basic categories:

Promoted Account
A top spot promotion in the ‘Who to follow’ section to grow your follower base, brand advocates and the reach of every future Tweet.

Promoted Trend
A 24hr takeover of the top Trends spot.  A high reach & high earned media placement.

Promoted Tweet
Extend the reach of a Tweet.Target your Tweets to the top of relevant users Timelines or against real-time search results.

Expanded Tweet
Media content and interactive experiences within Tweets, including audio & video players, live stream, commerce points & photos.

When to use which product?

Below follows a great illustration of the best fit Twitter advertising product against the lifecycle of a product launch.

When to use which Twitter advertising product


Finally, what do the followers of a brand want?

What followers expect from Brands

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