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Red Bull

Red Bull ran a very successful 2 phase Twitter campaign using Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets

Red Bull recently made use of Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets product to drive awareness of their new special edition flavours. By running a 2 phase campaign, the message really hit home & we were very happy to have an extremely satisfied customer.

Phase 1


Phase one of Red Bull’s Twitter strategy for this campaign was to drive awareness for the launch of their new special edition flavours and prompt conversations around the brand on Twitter.


Using Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets product, Red Bull reached a large audience through influential Tweeters and sparked conversations around the brand. The Tweeters were asked to offer their unique opinions on the new flavours. This was hugely successful for Red Bull’s new product launch, as it ensured that the followers reached were given the opinions of people they respected and idolised.


Red Bull invested in 16 tweets by influential Tweeters they cherry picked from Ad Dynamo’s registered list – including Nico Baird who is ranked #4 by Twitaholic’s in South Africa.

  • 16 tweets reached 244,451 followers
  • 66 retweets reached in excess of 500,000 followers.
  • A viral index of more than 200%
Phase 2

Phase two of Red Bull’s Twitter strategy, launched the “Light Up Your City” competition. The competition associated each special edition flavour to a respective city in South Africa and followers could enter by including the city hashtag. The influencial tweeters were briefed to promote the hashtags to their followers.


With Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets product, Red Bull reached an large dedicated audience through carefully selected influential Tweeters. Thereby encouraging followers to vote for their city to win the “Light Up Your City “ experience.



Red Bull invested in 38 Sponsored Tweets by influential Tweeters – including Casper Lee, the 17 year old “YouTube sensation” and FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World 2011 – Tracy McGregor.

  • 38 tweets reached 872,579 followers
  • 92 retweets reached in excess of 900,000 followers
  • A viral index of more than 100%

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Phase 1

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