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Social Media in Africa – A Survey

Please help Ad Dynamo with our quick survey on social media in Africa.  As we all know, Africa is short on useful statistics & the big players are not releasing data anytime soon.  So let’s gather it ourselves. The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete & all personal information will be treated as completely [...]

Nigerian traffic breakdown by device

We all know how dominant mobile usage is in Africa. But how much? Ad Dynamo recently ran a report across all traffic provided by our 14,000 publishers in Nigeria. Here’s how Nigerian usage breaks down – considering that we serve more than 20 million ads per day, as Nigeria’s biggest alternative ad network to Google, [...]

MSN Launch in Nigeria

Ad Dynamo launched our exclusive representation of the MSN sites in Nigeria last week.  Here’re a few highlights of the event. Key Facts about MSN in Nigeria (data as at Sep 2012): Local content being produced for West Africa. 850,000 Hotmail users 1,8 Million uniques on MSN Difference between portal visitors vs. Hotmail users highlights [...]