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Advanced Twitter Campaign Strategies

As Twitter’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, Ad Dynamo gets to see many great campaigns being run across the continent.  With the launch of Blue Robot we’re also being exposed to some fantastic global initiatives. For most brands new to Promoted Activity on Twitter, we recommend keeping it simple: 1. Promoted Accounts Gain new [...]

Is your brand ready for Twitter’s redesign?

Twitter’s redesign rolls out today, Wednesday January 29th.  Is your brand ready? If your brand has merged the header image with the background image on your Twitter profile, you will be affected. What to do? Only for brands that have merged the header with the background: Brands that have merged the header with the background will [...]

Social Media in Africa – A Survey

Please help Ad Dynamo with our quick survey on social media in Africa.  As we all know, Africa is short on useful statistics & the big players are not releasing data anytime soon.  So let’s gather it ourselves. The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete & all personal information will be treated as completely [...]

Twitter Case Study

Here’s a case study from a UK advertiser, Humble Grape, that made great use of our Sponsored Tweets product recently. “The sponsored tweets provided Humble Grape with an extremely cost effective way to broadcast our event through some big influencers on Twitter.  This now forms an integral component of all future promotions.” James Dawson, Humble [...]

Facebook vs. Twitter

Our own version of Facebook vs. Twitter as a social platform for brands?  The final answer?  They’re both invaluable & offer amazing reach vs. cost.  However, Facebook comes out tops for building your brand & Twitter for short term tactical launches of new products & deals.