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Here’s a case study from a UK advertiser, Humble Grape, that made great use of our Sponsored Tweets product recently.

“The sponsored tweets provided Humble Grape with an extremely cost effective way to broadcast our event through some big influencers on Twitter.  This now forms an integral component of all future promotions.” James Dawson, Humble Grape

Download the case study: Ad Dynamo Twitter -Humble grape

Client: Humble Grape

Objective: Humble Grape, a boutique wine merchant in London, wanted to drive awareness for their upcoming Wines of Southern France Tasting Event.

Solution: Using Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets product, Humble Grape were able to reach a large audience in the UK at an extremely affordable cost.


An investment of £480 purchased 17 tweets by influential tweeters – including Maria Fowler.

•17 tweets reached 806,000 followers.

•13 retweets reached an additional 700,000 followers with a viral index of 76%

•Humble Grape grew their follower based on Twitter by 40%

•The wine tasting event was fully booked: mission accomplished!

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